PSHOT different answer for same code

I do not understand why I need to put

(t1==t2 && i==2*n)

at line 44 inside the if condition in my code. The loop will run till i<=2*n and both the codes should give same answer, but the first one is giving TLE and 2nd is getting accepted.

code with TLE: TLE
code accepted: AC



n = 3
s = 111111
n = 3
s = 111100
At the end, if both have same score then match is draw.
Variable flag ??
Carefully Look line 42 in both.
‘’‘System.out.println("t1: “+t1+”\tt2: “+t2+” at i: “+i+” n-(i/2) "+(n-(i/2)));’‘’
This part is not commented in TLE.

the result should be WA then instead of TLE.

If i comment that line… The solution is getting accepted. Why was it not giving WA