Public submission from ongoing contest

Hi everyone! I submitted my code of a problem from ongoing contest on Ideone, forgetting that code is made public by default. It took me nearly 5 minutes to change it to private. I fear if someone saw it and copied it. So I sent a mail to codechef stating that how I might be caught in plagiarism because of this. It’s been 3 days and I have got no response. I hope they will respond here. :slight_smile:

PS - This was first time I made submission of ongoing contest on an online IDE. I know it was a rookie mistake but I sent them mail as soon I saw my submission was public.

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If it was up for just 5 minutes then believe me, the chances that anyone looked it up in those 5 minutes are almost negligible.

I wish the same happens.

Rare chance of anyone copying … as it was public only for 5 min … prefer using codechef ide during contest to avoid accidental mistake

@smsubham - It was for JULY16 contest. :slight_smile: But what really surprises me is that people think that people who cheat see submissions of past 2-3 days on ideone. Don’t you think that there are too many submissions considering so many code are submitted on ideone every hour? I feel they check recent submissions(I am not sure because I haven’t tried this :P).