Purpose of ketek[i]

www.keteki.biz has been hosting quite a few contests in codechef.

The purpose of ketek[i] is to make competitive programming a professional sport and seems like I found a legit way!

Next week hosting a research paper based contest. I have chosen the paper and setting. Paper will be linked in contest … it will kind of medium long. With experience we can help industry with such codes!!

Also I have learned to find work from great companies. We help them with existing HR services.

I had this in mind what is the purpose of ketek[i] and I wrote in quora…

The purpose of business is to establish a field of study amongst users. This is the highest purpose of a business. It is to create a new form of beingness. A new form of existence.

Did you hear this profession “youtuber” 20 years ago? Or “tiktoker”. It is to take something that people have been diligently practicing and studying… and make it a profession for them. To empower others at a large scale to make a living off what they know. You know what you love and businesses should help such people to become what they know!!

That is the purpose of my business. To make competitive programming a professional sport!! And I know that we are moving in the right direction.