Push_back(5) Ranks

Sorry for spamming but are you guys able to see the ranks for push_back(5) or was there any registration or something like that?

There seems to be some bug and nobody can see ranks.
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I was about to make a post on this.
Not only are the ranks not visible, the green ticks are not visible beside the solved problems and also the submissions are not visible in my profile.
A similar thing happened in Byterace contest and the submissions are still not visible in my profile. One can say that a possible reason might be that it was unrated for div 1, but so was this contest, but still, the submissions are visible in my profile.
It would be great if someone could shed some light on this.

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True, they’re not visible for me either, and when the number of problems is relatively high then a lot of time is wasted in just messing around with the problems links

I think there is bug in CodeChef.
Because everything is ok from my side.
I contacted CodeChef for this bug.
Hope it will resolve soon.


Registration was not enabled.
Contest was open.

Codechef is having bugs and hard time with contests

Contest ranks are visible now.
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