PyPy Time Limits

Why has the time multiplier for PyPy3 been changed to 1x, while PyPy2 is 2x? PyPy3 and PyPy2 exhibit similar run times, and even 2x is highly demanding for PyPy, considering it is still significantly slower than C++. These time multipliers just don’t make sense.

This issue was raised 7 months ago here.
(Unfortunately nothing changed :frowning: )

Thanks for sharing that! It just doesn’t make sense at all – particularly the difference between PyPy2 and PyPy3, since they’re quite similar. The previous 5x, yes, was ridiculous, but 2-3x (for both PyPy2 & 3) I think would be reasonable. Instead, they went to the opposite extreme, making Python programmers wary of competing.

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The reason I brought this up…

PyPy3, TLE:
PyPy2, AC (with the same exact code):

Yeah, 1X for PyPy3 is absolutely nonsense. I guess it’s probably because they added PyPy3 as a language but forgot to update its multiplier (it was quite recently added at the time of the post I linked above) :confused: