PYPY3 not available in codechef

why is isn’t pypy3 included in ICPC when it has pypy(2)
Adding this language would solve all the issues faced by python 3 users as pypy3 is a faster version of pypy3. Because many a times optimal solution gets tle just because it is written in python while this problem occurs rarely in pypy3

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pypy3 is available in codechef.

but it is not there in ICPC

on contest page it is written-
The languages allowed are C, C++14, JAVA, Python, Python3, and PYPY. Java gets a time limit multiplier of 2, and Python, Python3, and PYPY get a multiplier of 3. This means that if the time limit of a problem is x seconds by default, it will be considered as 2x for Java and 3x for Python.

I was solving questions on icpc 2016 and instead of pypy only pypy3 was available. Can you provide me the link where it’s the allowed langiages of icpc are written.

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He is right bro…only PyPy is available…They should available PyPy3 also because sometimes it helps Python3 coders when it comes to calculative questions

Same question is from my side…Why not pypy3?