Plz tell me best site to learn python… I have to start from scratch!!

You can learn it on Codecademy. I also started python from here and then studied advanced online.

Tutorial’s Point is also a good website for online learning.

But i will suggest you to go for codecademy first as it has a online compiler where your can compile your code while learning. It also gives you some exercises to do. You have to complete all the exercises to complete the course.

Hope it will help! :slight_smile:

hey @chaman_amit

Bro, go through with this thread…

First thing, you must grab knowledge from everywhere, so you must go through the links @shubham025 and @rjohari said coz everyone mentions the sources they learnt from or they found nice…

But if you have time enough to undertake a free online course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or Rice university or UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, etc then you must go for it because these courses are for students who even dont know programming and really provide a good knowledge about python…

I would recommend you go through the links i mentioned in other thread, and if you require some study materials then you must give me your mail id… :slight_smile:

Also i forgot to mention that Python Docs. are really good, check them on Python’s official site.

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Bro I also expect answer from u bz I had seen ur profile that u submitted all ans. In python language so I think u have a good command over python and thanks for helping me and send me python related material if u have. My mail id is

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No actually i don’t have such good command, and the reality is i usually prevent using python because python is 3 times slower than c/c++ and i am not good in STL’s (C++),

I use python only when i need inbuilt functions or while dealing with large integers.

I would rather suggest learn python but try prevent using python in competitive programming also, because it is best for development of projects but where time is precious python do not proves itself… :slight_smile:

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