Queries Regarding ICPC

My team rank is 557, college rank - 1, most probably would be selected to Amritapuri if not Kolkata.
Now, train tickets are getting exhausted. We would like to reserve tickets advance.

  1. Contest is on 28-29 Dec, on Amritapuri, Will It be OK if we report at 27th Dec around 11 PM? Or we have to report earlier?
  2. For @admin pls add questions to practice.
  3. Can anyone prepare expected rank list for the sites ( As I have seen some for previous year )
  1. You can report anytime you like but you would have to pay charges for staying if you reach there before 28th. Atleast last year we had to pay for gwalior. We reached to our site 2 days before.

You will definitely qualify for KOLKATA-KANPUR site also. There are only 144 distinct Institutes till rank 557.So in worst case also you will be going to onsite round. I counted it by writing program. So you can be sure on your kolkata-kanpur region also.


@worldfinal our rank is 697 and we are first in our college, can you please tell if we would qualify for Gwalior and Kanpur respectively.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @worldfinal ,our team rank is 110 and we are second in our college.Can you please tell if we would qualify for Amritapuri site? Thanks.

You have to install lot’s of libraries for this. https://github.com/shubhamrsangle/Codechef-Ranklist-Scrapping this is link of my repo. please give star if like it. All other details mentioned in Readme file.

@worldfinal, can you tell how many distinct institutes are before us? Our rank is 252. Thanks in advance.

Those who want to know number of teams before there rank


Are Kanpur and Kolkata treated as two different centers?

same regional but will be held at two diff. places

Reason for downvote

Your team got #557 , even then selected . Our team got #65 even then we are not selected.

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@vijju123 can u help me on first query ?

@soham1234 answered it already.

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Why is this being downvoted?

same question

Thanks a lot for finding it out for me. Can u please tell me how did you do it ?
By Web scraping or codechef API?

people are in a bad mood xD.


You are welcome. I did it by Web scrapping using Selenium webdriver in python3.

Please can you find the ending rank for Kharagpur regionals also?

Can you give me the code for that program ? I want to see how can we extract such information…
Please can u mail me at