Query regarding 100% participation laddus

@admin I had participated in all the 3 contests between March '17 and Feb '18. Can you confirm if I’m eligible for the laddus(keeping in mind that May Lunchtime '17 was cancelled). And when would I get the laddus?

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We will be giving the laddus for the 100% participation soon. Sorry for the delay.
May Lunchtime will not be considered for this, as it was cancelled shortly after it began.



As May Lunchtime 2017 is not considered for 100% attendance participation reward, do a user has to be participated from March Long Challenge 2017 to March Long Challenge 2018 to get 100% attendance participation reward, since a user has to be participated for 36 monthly contests continuously?

Or will May Lunchtime 2017 be treated as participated for all users?

And July Cook-off was unrated

Unrated doesnt mean cancelled @nileshjha19 .