Query Regarding Interactive Problem

I actually wanted to know that if there is any way to know that my program is asking extra queries from judge than what’s mentioned in constraints?

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It will show WA(-1.000000)

If you can see what the judge is asking, then what's the point of the question? :thinking:

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Your program will terminate when upper limit of queries finish.

Whenever you make a query, count it in a variable and after that check its value.
If the value exceed what it’s given in the constraints, print ‘1/0’. This way you will get an RE instead of WA.


Value can never exceed what is given in the constraints. The judging automatically stops when upper limit of queries is exhausted. I tried it .

I tried the same thing, however I get a WA (0.0000) instead of a WA (-1.0000). I’m not sure why that’s happening.

If you get WA(0,0000), I guess this means your program has exhausted all queries. WA (-1.0000) means, output format is wrong. I’m not sure though.

No, Actually i am just asking that whether i could get to know that i am exhausting the constraints or not.
for eg, i am allowed to ask k queries and i asked >k queries, then is there any way to detect that.

It works bro… print 1/0 when you are asking the last query. for example if you have a limit of 1000 queries, print it at 1000th query not at 1001st query.


Ok…doing this will get you a RTE. What can you infer from this- Nothing!?

RTE means you are exceeding the number of queries :grin::grin:

Yes it actually worked for me.
Thank’s for the trick :wink:

You’ll get to if you are exceeding the number of queries if you get WA.

if you get WA (-1.000…), it means that your code is asking more queries for a particular subtask