Query regarding ratings !

Hello folks ! Due to plagiarism my rating has been dropped to 0 ! My question is,after this may long challenge whether we get rating starting from 1500(generally coders with new account has this) or from 0 ?? If it starts from 0,then its going to be so tough to get back our previous rating (by tough,I mean it takes lot of time) !
So,I just wanna know about this,because I have just checked the rating predictor and its starting from 0 !
Anyone please respond !Thank you! @admin @vijju123 pls reply !

As you said only new account starts from 1500 so its quite clear your rating will start from 0 as your account is not new.

is it legal to deactivate my current account and submit the same solutions,which i have submitted for this may long challenge using a new account ??

No, its not allowed. Read the mail I sent you.