Query related to ACM-ICPC 2020

Hello Guys,

I came to know about ACM-ICPC this year and I am thinking for taking part in it. I have some doubts regarding the registration process which are as follows:

  1. How many teams does a single coach can register?
    2.The online round for all regionals will held together or seperately.
    3.Do i need to register for each regional individually.
  1. I think, there is no such limit for a coach but it could be so confirm it from your college.

  2. Online round is same for all regionals.

  3. You have to register for regional, where you want to participate. At most you can register for 2 regionals.


Thanks for Support.
If i m participating from two regional do i need to pay the registration fee twice for online round or only once.

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You need to pay the fees for each each of the regionals separately even for the online round. Please refer to the Baylor site for more information.

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