Question on additional Data Structures for Learn Module

Would topics such as Graphs, Trees, Stacks, etc ever get added to the learn section, especially in python? Lastly, for practice problems, I can’t seem to find them without reverting back to the old practice page. Will this ever get resolved?

Hey @redbeast, you can find problems on graphs, trees and stacks on this practice path - Practice Prepare for your DSA interviews - CodeChef

Yes, we intend to add more curated problems from the old practice page to the new one. I can think of two directions:

  1. Add curated practice problems for all the remaining topics
  2. Add curated practice problems difficulty wise. Something like one card for each difficulty range.

What do you suggest?

Yes, I see it is in the Practice section but I was hoping you include it in the Learning section for those who want to learn the data structure/ algorithm in depth before moving to the practice problems such as you do with the Binary Search, Dynamic Programming, and Number Theory Modules. Curated practice problems difficulty-wise would be good so we can work our way up to the harder problems if we’re new to the concept.

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ah I see. Yeah we are working on learning sections for these concepts as well. Should be available by October end.

Thank you, sounds good. I am loving the platform

any update on this?

@redbeast - you can find the learn courses on these data structures here

I’m wanting to learn the data structures in python