Question regarding Codechef Snackdown Online Qualifier



In the snackdown page it says that each team solving at least one problem will qualify. But how many problems will there be?


i think there will be 5 problems


Where can I find last year’s Snackdown Online Qualifier’s problems? I can’t find it in the contest section.


They didn’t announce it but I think there will be 5 problems.


Is there anyway I can change a team member in Snackdown?


i think there will be 5 problems


If you can qualify by solving just one problem, is there any point in solving more than one?


@admin as u had an issue at 13:10 suddenly my team got removed and immediately i told my team member to make a new one and add me so currently after the issue has been fixed we both have two teams ! what do we do ?


Sorry for the late answer, I contacted the snackdown team and they deleted my team, so I registered with my new teammate.


Last years structure was different. There was no qualifier


once your team mate has accepted the request, there is no way out.


I’m pretty sure you can contact for requests like that :slight_smile:


This depends on your interest in solving competitive programming problems :slight_smile: