Question regarding contest rating

Does asking question or commenting on question during contest count as a participation? If I have not submitted any code but asked doubt through comment on one question during rated contest will my rating change?
@admin @everule1 @ssjgz @vijju123

No,i dont think it would affect your ratings but u should be cautious of not giving any hints while commenting or asking any question…

u can only comment in comment section of question or ask doubt there only. anywhere else is regarded as cheating.

also doubt will be regarding only statements not about any logic

Man, I was asking about rating and comment was not related to solution

If you don’t submit, your rating will not change!

if not done any submission (wrong also) , it will not affect your rating. :upside_down_face:

If you submit once, even if it gives a non-AC verdict, it will be considered that you are participating in the contest.