Question regarding rating drop

How come my ratings got reduced in last challenge (June CodeChef Starters 2021) although I solved 2 problems and no incorrect submission.

rating is depend upon ranking , better ranking you get better rating you get


Rating change depend on your rank not the amount of problems you solved, if you have a better rank you will get better result . for example if two people solve 2 questions but one solved in 10 min and got ranked 240 while other solved in 40 min and his rank is 1400 , it is ovious that player who got 240 rank will get better result .


okay, thanks

Thank you, One more thing can we know what should be the minimum rank we should have in order to not let our ratings affect.

there is no particular rank range , You can think of atleast in top 20-30% for you as you are a 2*.