Questions from ACM-ICPC 2016 Regionals

Can someone provide links from the practice session for the questions asked in ICPC 2016 Regionals held across India?

Thanks in advance…

UPD: New links.


  1. Online Round:
  2. On-site Round:

Hindustan University

  1. Online: N/A
  2. On-site:

IIT Kharagpur

  1. Online : N/A
  2. Onsite:

Kolkata Site NITTTR

  1. Online: N/A
  2. Onsite:

ACM-ICPC India Practice round:


Contest Link: [ACM-ICPC India Regionals, Online Preliminary Round 2016]
Problem Links from the practice session:
Help Lost Robot!

Watson and Digit Sums

Beautiful Arrays

Chef and Bipartite Graphs

Good Sets

Colorful Grids

Robolympic Batons

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I thought it would be very useful if someone would give the contests links (actual regional contests links). Thanks!

Do you want questions from the contests available in practice sessions or you want the practice round questions? Also Regionals online round or on-site?

Thank you for the links!

Thank you!

your welcome :slight_smile: