Questions regarding INOI 2021


This is a sarcastic post.

We have to take our own. The better the laptop (i7 core or Ryzen 9 processor, 16gb-128gb ram), the more the chances of qualification.

You will be given 10 minutes before the exam to install Arch linux and other required tools on a hard drive provided by the institution.

The more submissions you make, further down the ranklist you go, reducing your chances of qualification greatly.

Text editor? Who even uses text editor? Me and the bois code directly on the compiler.

No. Once you compile the code, the code file becomes read only. Any new changes have to be made in a new file (copying from the previous file won’t work - you’ll get loads of compiler errors).

Due to scarce resources and environmental concerns, all papers will be taken back, to be reused in the future examinations (if you stare hard enough, you can see the previous years questions on the provided question paper).

No. IOI is strictly computer bound. Hence, no form of hard copy work will be tolerated. No papers will be provided or allowed into the exam hall (admit card is an exception, but you are not allowed to write anything on it)


If you haven’t figured, the above was sarcastic. You will find all required details here: Indian Computing Olympiad - Current - IARCS

The answers to your questions are:

  1. No
  2. Pre-installed
  3. Yes. No limit.
  4. Are you a troll?
  5. Do you have stupid?
  6. The paper is (most probably) digital.
  7. Yes. You need to bring your own pen(cil)s thos.

In all honesty, you have very low chances of qualification if you don’t know how the basic system of coding-compiling-submitting works. Do try some questions from the INOIPRAC contest to acquaint yourself with the judging platform.


You always live up to your name :rofl:

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Done a few problems from INOIPRAC, Just didn’t knew how the system works as I’m still a novice. My chances are low already :slight_smile:

Also thanks for making me hyperventilate.

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Thank you so much!

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@infinitepro One more question. Do we need to set the build commands on our own if we use Geany or we can expect that to be set up already? (Though I believe it should be the latter case.)

You’ll have to set it up yourself. Typically, the command g++ -std=c++14 file.cpp && ./a.out suffices to compile and run the program. Alternatively, you could use CodeChef Online IDE (provided it’s allowed), which does the compilation and execution for you.

@admin Is codechef IDE provided for INOI?

Alternatively, you can also use CLion/CodeBlocks for compiling.

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I used to use CodeBlocks before, but later switched to Geany. Never used CLion, isn’t it paid? I had heard about some instability issues in CodeBlocks on Ubuntu so made that transition. I think I’ll have to remember that one line compile statement :slight_smile:

CLion is paid, but it has 30 day free trial.
Also, you can make use of student pack which allows students to use CLion for free.
I have been using CLion from the past one month.
I have not faced any issues + It’s also great for debugging :slight_smile:

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DO NOT use an IDE for competitive programming. They don’t run great on the provided PC’s and slow you down tremendously. Also, you’ll become overdependent on the code completion, which is detrimental to speed solving. Learn to use gdb and terminal. You can thank me later.

Same I will also not qualify.
Wanna make an INOI group for this year in which we will update what we did everyday for practicing
for next years INOI + IOITC?


we are allowed our own laptops? really? cause I read somewhere we would be given ubuntu and a limited number of IDEs and text editors.


Sorry for the irrelevant 2 messages - both are deleted

Expand the spoiler at the end.

ye bhi koi tareeka hai bheek mangne ka?


Literally we have to take our own laptops? why didn’t centre provide us laptops. Should we also have to take our own laptops at IOI or we are provided with them at centre.

Laptops are provided there. I don’t know what this nonsense of taking personal devices to the exam centre is. I’ll be mailing IARCS about this.