Questions which come in my mind

Q1>Does these things are required for competitive coding as i think these things are only for interviews and theory exam…or when should I learn these??

  • Classes and Objects.
  • Constructors and Destructors.
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism.
    Q2>I found STLs like sort(a,a+n),strstr ,very useful and I think they save lots time but how to learn them??
    Q3>What other thing i need to learn in c++ like STLs which can bost my coding skills in c++…and save time as i dont find any diffrence between c and c++ except cin and cout…

I think as far as competitive programming is concerned I don’t think you will be directly using the concepts of object-oriented programming at least in the early stages, but it is better if you know the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.
A2 & A3)
I think the second one comes with practice. During practice after you submit your solution, try to look at different solutions and comprehend them which will help you to find new ways of doing things.

P.S. - The above-mentioned points are just my opinion. I am just an amateur, so please don’t consider this as an expert advise


thanks :grinning: