Quick question

hey !
I have a score of 673 right now in April challenge but am pretty sure i’ll be able to get around 690.
will i progress to div 1 with this score ? My current rating is 1643.

Everything depends on your rank.
If I had to make a guess, if you’re in the top 800 then it’s likely to happen.
Can’t really be sure about anything right now since submissions will be tested on plagiarism and challenge problem will be tested on remaining files, things could change.
tldr; high probability.

Some problems will be tested on hidden test files.

No. Only the challenge problem has hidden test files.

Oh, yes! Earlier it was announced that 4 test files FCTRE in APRIL20B will be tested after contest end. But, they have now been added back. I have edited my answer now.

I have a score of 674.2 in april long challenge and my current rank is 1743 so,can i make it to DIV1 with this score?

Most probably yes, but you still have 3-hrs left. I suggest you to get 10 points in Factor tree so that you end in top 1000 ranks.

Yes but I will not be able to do it so if my rank stays around 1550 can I make it to division 1 still?