quickmatch 10 coming soon with 3 hiring companies

This time we have 3 hiring companies and good ones, good coders working in them…

Will update details once problems are ready.
Readying it.

Codechef to share 250 laddus to top contestants (number of tops depends on number of participants). Thank you codechef.

Cancelling contest, I made mistakes in tests and judging mechanism.
Possibly I might end contest hosting here after such grievous mistakes, one person is not enough. I know I will make mistakes again and bring down reputation of cc.

Edit: Thanks for all your encouragements.

I have tester now…
A good news machine learning startup is impressed. Says will hire for 2 positions when some project starts.

Big company wanted exp 1 yr but later said if good uni will do. But now want exp only.

.net will ask however .net one isnt that good.
ML one is very good. Dont want to send to .net place. Lets see what happens. I will need hr too… there might be error in this too.

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Will the contest be rated ??

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why the rank list of the competition is not generated??

where to submit the solution for B. I think I found my mistake and want to try before editorial is out. I have tried “QM10B Problem - CodeChef” but it says the problem is not visible.


acc to no. of participants what do u think how many people will receive codechef laddus??

and do wrong submissions will also be taken into account of the problem that was not an ac
(mostly problem B)

please have a look at below two submissions and point out why the first one is accepted and second one is not



correct me if i am wrong…


Why the score of second problem not reflected in total score for many contestants?

I think there is some problem with the input in B since only python solutions got AC in which the input is taken as a whole string
Looking at the constraints and contest’s experience it looks like the setter was quite inexperienced and hard-coded test cases and hence arises the possibility of incorrect input files


@vijju123 @admin
The rank list should have been maintained during the contest. Even it was not maintained, the verdict should not be changed after the contest. After submitting the solution, when you see the Wrong Answer, it clearly means 0 marks. If there is partial marking, the user should be made aware at that time only. All of a sudden, after the contest the Wrong Answers were converted to Partially Accepted. It is not fair.

what is this going on?? Ranklist not working… Deceptive judging results… and what not happened in this contest.This contest should be cancelled. Both my submissions were given WA verdict and now they are showing partial in both. Experienced such glitches for the first time on Codechef. Some serious action needs to be taken.


@abhineet14, the partial scoring was clearly mentioned in the problem. It just seems off that there was no feedback during the contest.


Yes it is my fault. I shud have selected master judge 1003 for subtasks instead of 1000 in judging.

I highly apologise. It is first time when i am doing partial scoring. I missed the changing of master judge. I will try to be more careful next time. I m just human. Please forgive me.

I feel a bit scared now. Possibly with experience only i can host good contests. I shud practice. Is hard.


as @sonu_628 mentioned, there is some issue with the test case 4 of problem 2. I just now solved it with buffredreader but scanner was failing to do so. so apparently the tokens were incorrect in the problem.

accepted: 18917328
, incorrect: 18915805


No, it’s unrated.

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Probably, there might be some issues. If you want to check your rank, count the number of submissions before you in the first problem. Ony two people solved the second problem.

They are updating it.

The problem is not in Practice session right now. It will be available for practice soon.

Thank you…

logic looks same to me

Why this contest needs to be cancelled? It’s not rated so no need of cancellation.