So i gave march lunchtime and managed to solve 2 questions and after the competition ended my rank went down from 1455 to 1452 I know its not much but i would like to know why did this happen can someone let me know how to check how many questions i have to solve the next time I take part in a competition so i dont loose my rank and also i cannot understand the graphs given in my profile

Are you sure? I mean they didn’t even run moss to eradicate the cheaters until now, so how can the rank go down.

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I’m pretty sure he meant ratings not rank.


There is no fixed rule as to what amount of problems you need to solve to get x ratings. Your delta depends on factors like your performance relative to others and your current ratings.

Your goal should be to solve as many problems as you can with less penalties.

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Your rating will be depends on your performance as well as others performance as well, That means, if you did well in competition but others did better than you hence your rating will get decrease.
hope it helps you.

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Are you talking about it?

Yes …what is that +22 ,how to read these graphs and how can i know how many questions or what should i do so tht my ratings do not decrease in future

Your rating incremented by 22 in yesterday’s contest. Rating increases when you perform better or similar to others who are at the same position of yours.

But my rank decreased it went from 1455 to 1452

it’s rating not rank…right now graph is updated which should clear all your doubts.

Yup my rating why did it decrease when i solved 2 questions how is that calculated

check out more option mentioned just below the logout button.

which one?