Rank list glitch

I participated in long challenge august 2019 ,and submitted a correct program at 2:30 pm while the contest ended at 3:00 , my total score should be 520 but its not updating after the contest ended, my username is senpai_wade .please rectify this error. thank u
they have also updated the rating on this basis


Yes same issue with me too, rating is updated with wrong ranklist i think. @admin @vijju123


it is really unfortunate ,@admin please do something

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same for me. please fix

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Are you sure the score change is not due to the challenge problem rejudge on full test files?

the score should be 520, but its not updated ,u can see the link, they ranked me 608,the total is still 510

the same is happening with many ,please help

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Same problem here too,I submitted a problem at 1:47 which was queued for almost 2 hours and gave me 10 points after the end of contest due to which it was not considered for calculating my new rank,my score should be 520 but its showing 510.

the rating is still not updating ,they seem to have fixed the rank

Yes rating graph is still wrong. Showing wrong rank.



This is happening because of the rejudge. Scores are still being updated. Final scores will be available once all ranklist stabilizes.

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So that will change rating as well, right ?? @vijju123

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Yes. They will be recalculated.

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thank u for your help

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