Ranking shouldn't be Ultimate!

Hello Coder’s,

I have seen many people talking about underrating long challenges which is somewhat correct because of cheating which is done on Whatsapp , Telegram and other social sites. But does that matter ultimately ?

I don’t think so ranking should affect a lot. Codechef is a platform where we build our skills and put them into competition. Ranking is just a way to tell us how skilled we are. Due to cheating one may get a better rank than one who actually put efforts to solve them but will it actually help the one who did it ? It wouldn’t at all, It’s ok if we solve only two problems in Long Challenge that will just show how much practice we need more.

At last the skills is which matter, as you will build your skill you will build your Rank as well.

Also Advice to Cheaters :
This community is giving us so much we should stick true to it. Deeply you also know that it won’t help you at the end.

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There are already a lot of thread for this kind of suggestion. So please don’t create new. Also this isn’t a good topic to discuss. Those who like codechef will use it anyway, those who love to solve problem will participate in contest ignoring their rating/ranks. Please don’t spam discussion form.

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I am sorry i am new on discussing section. I tried to delete it but i don’t have access. Do you have any solution how to delete it or maybe you should just flag it : /

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