Ranklist AUG20B

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Also, it may even be one person or a group of …too closely related friends…all of them are fresh accounts, same school, same profile picture…they have submitted nothing (except 1 practice problem) and all AUG20B problems except for ANTS

Here are their account info…
user 1
user 2
user 3

this user may or may not be part of this group
Note: their ranks have dropped slightly…


Do you see the number of Red Coders in China?

Just because you see someone performing better, gives you no right to write and point out their name in public, or try to defame someone, their are many techniques for elaborate stress testing or sanitize flags which good coders use that gives them AC in one go, and some are simply way above your level.

So, try to upskill yourself and mind your own business only. These things if anyone is found guilty will be handled by Codechef.

The reason why people hate long challenges is because of

  1. 40% Cheaters
  2. 60% Indians accusing/ranting/polluting about people cheating on almost every single platform

Even if someone is cheating, its codechef job to handle it. You mind your own business.

“Some people (most of the non indians) are simply way better than you in CP” maybe because they mind their own business and let their authority handle the rest

You guys(most of them are less than 5 star) have made codechef a place for defamation

@admin please do something about these people, if these people continue these stupid defamation posts,many good users wont feel safe, because these guys will accuse them anyways without any proofs in public


How so?



thank you : )
also idk why but i am unable to post a mail to @help.codechef.com

Not surprising :slight_smile: What actually happens if you try to send a mail to help@codechef.com ?

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duly noted. as i said, I am not accusing anybody, just asking admin to check these solutions as it would be too much of a coincidence that all these “Red Coders” and whatever go to the same university, keep same PFPs and also, as I mentioned, all of them are fresh accounts, that means, probably a division 1 coder who has created multiple accounts to submit problems in challenges or something. Codechef guidelines clearly mention that a user must have one and only 1 id, and should delete any other IDs currently in use.

well, considering I just started CP and codechef is the only platform I have a account on, I will venture to say, most if not all. So what, tho?

I never said imma handle them myself…I just posted what I found a bit suspicious. A thousand apologies, if it offended you or anyone else.

Ok, I -

I am truly sorry, bruv

sorry, i meant help@codechef.com only :flushed:

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Respected Sir/Ma’am

I agree to your point about not defaming someone in public. Also, I shall agree that the decision of eliminating the cheaters is purely of the code-chef administration. But, you have utterly disgusted and spoiled the sanity of this platform by targeting “Indians” and clearly “defaming” Indians which you yourself have stated is wrong thing to do.
According to your “very accurate survey”, you are saying “60%” Indians. I would like to ask you, did you conduct a survey to check how many non-Indians and how many Indians are there. If there is someone polluting the sanity of the platform, it is clearly the responsibility of the administration to deal with them. But, going against your own words, you have very annoyingly let your emotions out here. You do not have to give an opinion on what should/shouldn’t be done here if you are not the admin. All you have to do is mind your own business. You have hurt the sentiments of an entire country. You have no authority to do that. I would kindly suggest you to make sure you are an objective human being and have a clear and non-biased (towards any community) idea before commenting anywhere.