Rated long challenge division

When will I be able to participate in rated long challenge? Every time I check it seems to be rated for division 3 only or am I misunderstanding something?

Will the contest be rated for division 2 in november?

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Rated Long challenge for div 2 :

You mean that this type of contest is only rated for division 3 now? I have to move to another platform or other contest-types here?

Been doing some theory lately that I was lacking, was looking forward to improve my rating.


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So I checked and the shorter Codechef contests are on saturday and sunday. MIght be odd, but I am practically always working at those times. So there hardly is a way to improve my rating or will there be division 2 rated Long contest again probably sometime?

I will not participate in long challenges even it’s rated.
the long challenge is completely wasted, you should give short contests, it will increase your speed.
“Not intended to hurt anyone.”

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I was actually also thinking that shorter contests were better, at least for my personal development. Codechef and my agenda are just not matching here, so I might have to look for another platform and give up on getting an appropriate rating here. Or give up on the rating and just do contests after they are concluded or something…

Why exactly do you consider the long challenge completely wasted however?

I think the spirit of competitive programming lies in shorter duration of contests, it’s more intense and checks our nerves, also I feel 3hr contest is huge enough for cheaters to cheat, most of the time submissions increase after the second hour, I’ve noticed this difference on codeforces. Even though there are cheaters everywhere , on codeforces , they have a hard time getting good rank even if they cheat.
Also, the Codechef doesn’t care about cheaters I’ve mailed plag reports and no action was taken it’s been more than 3 months.
I won’t give any rated contest here, I had a hard time winning against cheaters , every rated contest for me was more or less solving faster than the guy uploading solution on youtube, otherwise I would’ve been rated 1800+ way before.



since in the company interview, you didn’t have enough time and the long challenge is not good if you think in that way, you want to improve your speed, but the long challenge will not help in that way.

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