Rating Change

In the current long challenge(September Long), I have submitted the solution of div2 problem.
but I am in div1.

So I want to ask, will my rating affect?

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until u dont submit for any problem in div 1…ur rating will not change

anyway it will appear in ur rating graph with (+0)

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but here in [Rating Predictor](http://ccpredict.herokuapp.com/contest/SEPT19A/all?perPage=1000&page=1), it shows my rating will affect.

it is considering that u participated in div1 and solved 0 problems
thats why a lot of neg change
but i think ur rating will not be affected
for example
see this brothers profile (one of my favourites)
he also has so many contests with +0

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So you can even submit the common question of both the div or just the questions that are in div 2?

no dont submit common questions @farhantahir
only the problems not in div 1 and are there for practice should be submitted

example in this challenge
if u dont want ur ratings to be affected but u want to solve…
then u can only submit FIBEASY,GDSUB,CHEFINSQ

but once you submit other problems(CHEFLK1,FUZZYLIN etc…) then u are in the contest and ur rating will get affected