Rating Changes

last contest I got 329 rank, the graph at contest pages shows i have reached 1621 rating(3*) ,after contest my account page graph got updated but still on my account page it’s showing 1589 rating. why is that ?

Same issue here.

We have encountered a bug in Live ratings graph for START95. We have disabled the live ratings graph for START95.
However ratings on your user profile has been updated with correct values.

No, my rating is wrong
my rating in STARTERS’95 live rating started from 1548 and ended at 1533 (15 points decreased)
my actual rating is 1588 so it should be 1573 with the 15 points decrease but on my account it is showing as 1564. How come there is a difference in the score??

As stated earlier, we encountered a bug in live ratings graph, data points in that graph had incorrect values. However your profile has correct rating values.