Rating Confusion

I am honestly really confused. I gave up codechef a while ago. But then, last week, I thought why not level up myself and start giving codechef contests again. I gave starters 68, solved 5 questions in div 2, and got my all time best rank of 138. I don’t think that I’ve ever gotten under 500 before. So i was expecting a boost in my rating. To my surprise, my rating got reduced by 5, and I really don’t know why. I wanna continue giving contest on codechef, but after last week’s result, I don’t know if I should. Its highly demotivating. Please someone explain to me as to why my rating got decreased.
Thank you.

Edit: here’s my account link-carnifex04 | CodeChef User Profile for temp | CodeChef

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Hi @carnifex04 - you should check out this thread for details - Elo-MMR ratings go live on CodeChef!

So your rating as per ELO MMR is 1681. Your display rating will converge to the ELO MMR over a few contests.

We will migrate ratings to ELO MMR completely in December.

Any idea when the ratings will be force shifted to Elo MMR so we can have cook-offs and lunchtime contests again @admin

@mourya07 - The ratings being force shifted to ELO MMR and Cook-off / Lunchtime scheduling are not dependent on each other.

Refer to this thread for info on Cook / Lunch scheduling - Why no cook-off, lunchtime and 2nd long in october?

When will the ratings be force shifted to ELO MMR approximately?