Rating does not decrease!

This guy being in Div1 attempts questions of Div2 and his rating does not decreases.
Although he did not solve any question of Div1 and the contest is counted in his profile.

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this is how codechef works! it’s not a bug bro.

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The rating decreases when one attempts a problem in their division, but they weren’t able to solve it by the end of the contest.

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Then the contest should not be counted in the profile. no?

This is probably for the ‘participate in all contests for 12 months’ laddus. Not sure if this counts as participation though. If it does then, it’s upto @admin to decide if this is an acceptable way to achieve that.


Are you sure? If div1 participants participate in div2 (or vice-versa), their ranks are counted but rating does not change?

It is, you can clearly see in the picture. As he has attempted to question of div2 and his global rank is 311 and rating still did not decreased, in my case I too have same global rank and rating got decreased.

Showing up on the rating graph doesn’t necessarily count as participation. I read somewhere (don’t remember where) that you have to solve at least one problem correctly, even partially for it to count as participation. If you don’t solve any problem but still make a submission, it still shows up in the rating graph (I did that in May Lunchtime 2018)

“You will be able to attempt the problems from the other Division also, during the contest itself, but they will be in a separate ‘Non Scorable’ section, and those problems will not affect your rating or ranking. They will be considered for plagiarism though.”

Taken from: https://www.codechef.com/ratings/divisions

some more words…

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It also shows in the problem solved section, what about that?

You should have a positive score in order to count participation. And this does not satisfy that.

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It’s similar to codeforces you may take a contest which is unrated for your division, and you will also get a rank. But there would be no change in rating.