Rating doubt

hello everyone
I am new to CodeChef so I took part in the September challenge as my first contest and it showed my rating 1474 but later on, it shows my rating is 1472(-28) what does it mean can anyone please explain.
p.s- I took part in one another contest hosted by some college so does that contest have anything to do with my rating?

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Base rating on codechef is 1500. So, you didn’t perform as a 1500 guy should perform to increase ratings. Hence it decreased.

okay thanks for reply and answer can you tell one more thing which type of contests contribute in rating only these cook off long challenge or these contests also which are hosted on codechef by other colleges

Long Challenge, Lunch Times, Cook-Offs are always rated.
There are other contests. If they are rated, it is written on the announcement page. If nothing is written, then it is unrated.