Rating Fell After March Long 2021

I have been continuously taking part in CodeChef contests since February 2021. And rating was increasing well.
In march long contest I solved 3 problems and instead of increasing, my rating fell down by 10.
In the graph, the Long Challange tab shows +23 but the Codechef tab (final rating) shows -10 as added after the March Long contest.
I don’t know why? Kindly help me out!!

You got almost 10k rank. You should aim for a rank less than 2k to increase your rating

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Hi Suraj,
Codechef has 4 separate ratings : one for each contest format (long/ lunchtime/ cookoff) and one overall rating.

In simple terms, the formulae for each rating update involve comparison of your expected performance vs. your actual performance. Also note that 1500 is considered as an average baseline rating at Codechef. What you experienced can happen when your expected performance is lower in one rating but higher in another rating. So in that case, if you do somewhere between those 2, you can get increase in 1 and decrease in another.

Solving 3 problems does not mean your rating will go up. Performance is relative and measured against everyone who takes part.

Refer to this for a detailed thesis : Rating Mechanism | CodeChef


Thanks, @gamma30 @cubercoder, my query is resolved.

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don’t participate in contests for rating bro, there are many cheaters so because of those you got some negative rating as well . Keep on increasing your game eventually you will be able to solve 7-8 problems and you can enter div1. In div1 there are hardly any cheaters since the aim of cheaters is only to get 5 star , they leave after that.

Sorry to spill the beans but there are many cheaters (~20%) in Div1 as well (not taking names here but everyone knows who they are). For example Locked Safe was leaked on last day and lot of people got AC with the same solution (with even variable names unchanged like papa, roast, inshallah).

Of course the cheating in Div1is not as rampant as Div2 but the barriers to increasing your rating continue until you reach a point where union of cheaters gang can’t solve the problems that you can :slightly_smiling_face: So it’s very hard to get a top20-ish rank in Div1. Top40-60 is something i have seen people get at 50-200 Rs per problem


Then the only solution remaining is you have to solve all the problems.