Rating gone after Oct challenge DivB

My Rating was updated to 1925 after October long challenge. Now the rating has been removed and I’m back to 3 stars. Why?

Why are you playing with my feelings? If you don’t want to give 1925 ratings to me, you could have mailed me. Getting the laddu in mouth and dropping it down, it hurts :frowning:

UPD : Ratings got back to 1925 now again. Thank GOD!


same here …i think its bug

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I was very disappointed that MOSS test came against me. I was just thinking had I Accidently dropped my code in Ideone.com in any of the last 10 days.

But then smh!!! No! That’s the life of C++ and Python coders :stuck_out_tongue:

Seen anywhere ratings get dropped for Java guys. Because we have Intellij, Netbeans, Eclipse etc…

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You’ve both suddenly gone back to 4* and 3*, respectively! :slight_smile:

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