Rating got down by 50

I am a 2 star. Recently i gave the September long challenge but i solved only one question in this contest as i started it an hour ago before the contest was supposed to be over.a
Why has my rating been slashed directly by 50??

because it depends on contest rank which you gave previously.
For me my previous rank is 15k and now it is 20k so my rating down by 85 since i couldn’t solve a single problem

September long challenge is a rated contest, So your rank matters in this contest and the better rank you get the more your rating increases. As you can see your rank was 14.5k and based off your previous performance and rating you get rating changes in this case it was -52.

in simple words
solve more questions to get more rating.
solve less questions to lose rating


And yours previous rank is around 10k and present it is 14k.

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