Rating have not updated

I have solved 3 problems in April long Challenge but my rating haven’t updated and it showing that I haven’t participated in any long-challenge contests.

It takes time. Check back after 36hrs.

It gets updated within 5 to 6 hours.

Hi folk,
So as long event is usually attempted by around 25k+ participants that’s why Code Chef has to conduct final testing of codes and do a plagiarism check really quick to maintain cheat free system. The rating change will be affected within the next two days.
Please have patience.

In layman terms, 2 days.




hello bro, how to know that my ICM contest rating has been added with april long challenge. because i have done one question of that contest(external contest)

can any one tell about that

I don’t think ICM has been updated yet. I took part only in ICM and still am awaiting the updates, so I guess it will show up in your ratings, but we can always tag @admin and make sure our assumptions are correct. (sry admin for tagging, just wanna make sure the ratings will update separately) :slight_smile:

It was mentioned in it’s announcement that rating for it will be updated after long challenge is over… So, have patience& wait for rating to get updated… Also, rating for that will be updated separately[it won’t combine with long challenge rating i guess].

ok thanks for reply @nichke @shivansh1103

Are ratings of April Long Challenge hasn’t been updated yet?

They have been. Because your rating change was very small, you’ll need to zoom into the graph to see both the data points.


ok i got it, thanks @admin :slight_smile:

Admin bhai sahi khel gay :laughing::pleading_face:
(Dill sy bura lgta he bhai)

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what about START19 div2+div3 contest ?
is it gone unrated ?

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Ratings have been updated.