Rating Help

If I am currently a 2 star user on CC,
If I got 5 AC’s in this long contest,
How would you think my rating will be after the contest ends?

(I don’t run behind ratings, just to know what will happen if I got 5 correct).
Thank you.

Depends on your rank after the contest is over . It changes based on your current ability to score. I am pretty sure it will increase for you, But not sure how much it will. Since this time there was too much inflation in ranks and compared to last time and a lot of participation. So it will differ from last time. However if you want to know and read factors affecting your rating and its change, you can read about the ELO system of ratings, in the ratings menu.

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you will become 3 star for sure

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Does increasing in rating doesn’t depend on rank?
And as the number if people who submitted 5 correct answer are atleast 5k (excluding challange ques.).
In Last challenge my score was 380 and rank was 644
And In this challenge Score is 570 but rank is 1600+ and still increasing…

bcz no. of participants are huge :slight_smile: this time

I guess You should read the topic.
The question was will the rating increase or decrease. Not that why rank is more or less

I replied to your comment

But isn’t it my first line was my ques. ?
Does Rating Depend on rank
And then i gave the reference For previous long challenge rank, and this challenge ranks.
Srry about if it’s not clear.

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and yes …your rating is depends on rank in this challenge …challenge problem plays a very huge role as far as rating is concerned if u get 75 marks in challenge and other guy get 77 then the rank difference is quite large :slight_smile:

Yes, the rank difference is very large. Some time back by points were 574.747 , my rank was close to 1500, and after some more modifications in code my score came to 574.9**, and my rank came to 1216. So a lot of difference with just 0.2 point difference.