Rating Increment

How to break the barrier of 1650-1700 rating , i am oscillating between these ratings for last 6 months?
Any suggestions!

Quit giving long challenges.


Hello cubefreak777, as I am a 2 star coder and very new to codechef, why do you think giving long challenges is not good? Can you please elaborate what you want to say?

I didn’t say it’s good or bad, It’s totally up to you. I feel it’s just too hard to keep up with the cheaters unless you’re very smart. Also, not everyone has enough time to burn what it takes to solve a decent amount of problems in the long challenge. But if you like solving hard problems and have plenty of time then definitely long challenges are for you.


What you consider does solving 3 questions out of 8 is a good number for a 2 star new coder?

It doesn’t really matter whether you solve 3 problems or 0 problems. The thing that matters is whether you honestly upsolved the 2 problems above your level which you failed to solve in the contest or not.


I feel lack of confidence and fear of rating decrement for short contests!

I recently thought about this, and I will be giving this a try. This post was at a really good time!


Good thought, I think so and afterwards i will also do take part in short contests more!

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