Rating is decreasing abruptly

I solved 6 questions in July Long being in division 4 and my rank was around 1100. I expected my rating to increase but rather it decreased. It’s frustrating for me to see that. can anyone answer why this happens?

Please refer to the rating mechanism used in CodeChef.

It is based on a modified version of Elo system.

Basically, you have to answer more questions than your skill level. It may be that CodeChef ranks your skill level higher than you actually are and expects you to answer all of them.

It also takes in account of past contest. So it might just be that your rating will increase in the new JULY LONG 2 2022.

Check out this formula used for rating:

Also rating system has recently changed.

earlier it would give a rating after a series of losses as the person would be competing at a much lower level and that person could easily solve a question or two.

The new is system is applied on the backend:

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