Rating Not Increasing

Respected Team of Codechef,
Since the time I’ve been falsely plagiarised, even after performing very well in the next contests, my rating are falling down. I secured global rank of 32 in April Long, still my rating dropped by -3 and rank 502 in lunchtime and rating dropped by -1. What is going on!!! This is frustrating.! First of all Ive been falsely plagiarised and from the past 3weeks no reply has been given to my mail and now my rating is falling down. @admin Please answer to me. I’ve been going through a lot since that false claim! Please look into this matter.

Hi @sourav_kd :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concern.

Ratings are calculated based on your performance in previous and current contests and expectations from you to perform in the ongoing contest. Your actual performance is compared against this expected performance, and correspondingly, you gain or lose some points.
Read more about the mechanism here: Rating Mechanism | CodeChef

These small reductions are not due to plagiarism. And this can happen after every rating calculation.

I can also see that you have written to us about your plag case, however that was after the appeal phase was over. We will still go over your requests, but it will take slightly longer to get back to you. Hope this clarifies your doubt

Thank you sir🙏 The thing is that I didnt even receive any mail regarding plag. And without that I got plagiarized. I’ve full faith in your system sir. Thank you sir.

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