Rating not updated

My June & Aug Lunchtime rating and ranking not updated in my visual graph. Plz help!!!

Yeah I can see, actually this issue is also with my friends, Idk when they will update, Hope for best! <3

Edit: I ping here @admin to look into this issue.

I guess you mean June and Aug Long challenge, and not Lunchtime. You haven’t participated in a Lunchtime after May.

And since the Long contests are rated only for Div-3, you being in Div-2 won’t get a rating change.

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Admin I solved 3 problems in Starters 9 Div 3 but my rating shows 0+.
Before the challenge it was 1590 and now too it is 1590.
Please help

There`s nothing to be surprised about it. Rating change depends, not on the no. of problems solved, but on your performance relative to others. You can get a rating increase even by solving just one problem, or can get your ratings reduced even after solving 5 out of 6 problems. It all depends on how others perform , relative to you.

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