Rating of long challenge

what is the rating criteria for long challenges

so in this case what admin do ? U have to solve more questions to improve rating , simple .


U might be new to competitive coding, here is how it works, at start you are considered to be rated 1500, if you perform better than your rating, your rating will increase ,else it will decrease,
no need to be sad about, just practice and learn from editorials.Soon, you will see your rating increase


What will admin do?
He shud do the questions for u or what?

Why you raised this concern ? Really,I dont inderstand your this post and who will help you for rating ? Answer is Only You. So be strong and work hard.

there is no need to be rude bro …he may be new to this …



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It’s not his fault. He is just a kid from India.

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Bro your rating is decreased due to relativistic performance. Initially you were awarded 1500 rating by codechef if you do questions which is correspondence to that rating only then your rating will increase. Hope this will clear your doubts.

Bro calm down. As a beginner any one have question that I have solved questions still their is decrement. May be he don’t know the rating system.
So don’t answer like this.


and Codechef is an Indian company.

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Bro, there is just one way to master CP which is practice. Don’t think about your rating and just keep on practicing new problems.

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what do u mean by this statement! . :expressionless:

Thanks man , in two days there will be an external rated contest hope I will be in top 30.