rating problem

Hi everybody. I solved 1 question in December Challenge. But my rating didn’t change. Why???

Wait,the ratings aren’t updated yet. As you can see from RANKLIST it’s “Calculated till NOV14”.


@qusarayevq due to plagiarism checking it may take some time.

Most probably it will take a week.

Have patience, and participate in other contest…! :slight_smile:

Ratings aren’t updated just after a contest ends. In fact, it sometimes takes as long as two weeks for Codechef to revise rankings after long challenges, mostly due to the volume of users and the newly introduced plagiarism checking done by MOSS. You can look here if you want to know more :slight_smile:

ok. do you know when it will be updated? thanks for your answer @arpn

It generally takes 1 or 2 weeks,due to plagiarism it may take some time. But it will be updated before decmbr-I think so.