Ratings and star :)

I was at 0 rating and i recently participated in long challenge and I got 1542 ratings(I was only able to solve 4 questions :sweat_smile:).
so if I participate in next challenge (long or short), so how many questions I’ll need to do or what rank I need to get to Increase my rating and get the 3rd star?

solve first 3 in any short div 2 you will be 3 star

as I’m at 2 star so I can only solve div 3 questions, so how many questions I need to solve in div 3?

Target to solve around 3+ questions in order to surpass 1600 Rating.

thanks buddy

and after getting to Div 2 how much is necessary to actually increase the rating…as I read that there is some kind of prediction involved while calculating the score. After getting to 3 Star I lost some Rating cause I was only able to do 2.5 Question in Lunchtime.