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Do check your Ratings.
Cookoff result is updated


This was my first cookoff… and, well my ratings gone down by 57 points, after i managed to solve 1 problem(rather new to this).
So can someone tell me if this was supposed to happen. Aren’t this too much points.

Actually it does not depend how much questions you have solved. The matter is what Rank you have got.
The rating system is based on the strategy explained here https://www.codechef.com/ratings
Do read this you will get to know each and everything

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Thanks for the reply.
So if i hadn’t participated, it would have been same?


Same happened with me when I was new to code chef. I tried 2-3 competitions and didn’t manage to do good enough in time needed to get a good rank. As a result I started off with 1500 ranking but dropped to less than 1400. Then from last 2 competitions I had practiced some problems of previous competitions and managed to get into top 1500 first time and top 200 second time which increased my ranking by a lot both times. You can see it in my profile. I am about to reach 4 star now from 1 star in just 2 competitions.

I suggest you practice previous cook off and Lunch time problems and try to do them as fast as possible and check them for run-time errors,etc before submitting because wrong submissions increase your time taken by 10min which reduces the rank a lot.

Hope my answer helps you


Thanks for the advice!!

Any time Buddy!!