Ratings at Codechef

I am new here,
After giving april lunch time, I came to know later that,
Time of submission also matters
Wrong attempts also matter.

Can u please tell me the whole scenario
For Lunchtime, cookoff and long challange(Heard that for this there is no rules of time of submission ) as well,

Or else u can reply with some link where I can read.
This will help me in performing better.

Thanks in advance

here you go :smiley:

Cook -offs use ICPC style ranklist
LunchTimes use IOI style ranklist
Long challenges use Score Based ranklist

You can read more about them here:

  • In Lunchtime, There are no penalties but time at which you submit matters.
  • In Cook-off, There are penalties and time at which you submit matters.
  • In Long challenge, There are no penalties and time at which you submit does not matter, only score matters.

With penalties u mean … penalty on how many time I submitted and got wrong answers ?

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For cook-off → Penalty is the sum of the total time elapsed when you submitted the correct submission plus a penalty of 10 minutes for every rejected submission (Wrong answer, Time limit exceeded, Runtime Error) for a problem you solved.
For Lunchtime → Ties are broken according to the time at which participant reached Max score.

For lunchtime it should be first submission with max score

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Yes, if you submitted 5 wrong answers in cookoff, then you will have 5*10 minutes of penalty.