Ratings dropped for NOV14

A few days back I received an email saying that my ratings were dropped. I was really astonished after seeing it. These were the codes provided:

  1. http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/5275625

  2. http://www.codechef.com/viewsolution/5275701

The code other than mine belongs to my ACM-ICPC teammate and we both use the same template code for all online/onsite contests. By looking at a glance or using software it would seem that the codes are identical, but our main codes always have different logic or syntax. This is valid for all of the codes we have ever written. I have checked and didn’t find any rule stating that we cannot use similar templates in codes. We have never used any unfair means during any CodeChef contests or any other programming contests and yet we have been falsely accused of so. I don’t think somebody should be penalized just for using same #defines, typedefs and templates during the contests. This just makes no sense. Rather they should be more focused on checking users who share codes or ideas or just use plain copy/pasting. And if this should be the case then I don’t think I would like to participate on such a platform. I hope the @admin will look into this matter.

Thank you.


Send mail to feedback@codechef.com explaining you side. I’m sure they will help you if you are innocent :slight_smile:


The admin is doing nothing to look at the false positive cases. CodeChef is becoming worse. First they decrease the ratings and no steps are taken to revert back the ratings.


Actually I’ve replied to the email but still got no reply. I think I’ll send another one to the one you’ve provided though. Thanks.

Like I’ve already said, I won’t participate on such a platform which falsely accuses contestants and after does nothing about it to correct it. For now I’m just gonna wait for their response and see what they do.

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You can also try calling them on (022) – 30797709 as mentioned here.

It is unfair to suggest that codechef are not making efforts to rectify their mistake.
Please see this and this.
And many innocent users have already got their ratings back as @ritesh_malav has commented here.

International calls do cost more than emails! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess they are expecting calls instead of emails :confused: thanks @aalhadkulkarni

I am very sorry @flaminrage, I found this link asking users to mail at help@codechef.com unlike what I said (feedback@codechef.com). Really sorry

I called them and explained. They just told me to write a mail explaining the same. Since then there has been no revert.

Hi flaminrage, Can you send us an email to us regarding your account? We will look into it and will help you reinstate your account. You can write to us at help@codechef.com