Ratings Evaluation after Long challenge april 2021

At first, when the ratings got updated then firstly they evaluated the rated contest and then the long challenge which was alright but now they have updated the long challenge first and then the rated one.This is creating a lot of confusion about the ratings.

The current ratings are the final ratings.

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can anyone please explain this…on april 12, i got -162 for my performance in international coding marathon(hosted on 6 april 2021) and i got +112 for my performance in long vhallenge…after this i did not participated in any contest…then why did i got -139 again…whats wrong?

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bro ratings of ICM2021 were updated after a long challenge. (for long -50 and for ICM2021 -139)

Before both contest…my rating was 1704 and after evaluation of both…resultant rating is 1515…and in my long challenge graph it is showing that i got + 24