Ratings in Long Challenge

Just want to confirm the rules specifically for long challenge :

  • Submission time will not affect rating… in the sense, if someone have solved before me, then also I will have same score in comparison to him ?

  • Wrongs attempts wont decrease rating ? in the sense, if I submitted 5 times for a problem and got wrong answers for all of them, it is not going to affect my final rating ?

Please correct me if I am wrong, since I am new here, and in previous 2 contests I was not able to perform good just bcz, I was not aware of rules.

Thanks in advance

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Submission time doesn’t matter but wrong submission does…

For First: It doesn’t matter.

Second: it does matter.

But not sure how it works exactly, but I have experienced it.

For Long nothing matters except no of accepted sol

But there is a limit on a number of submissions one can make


As far as I know, the number of submissions and the time of submission doesn’t matter in Long Challenges. The rating depends on your rank and the rank depends on the score.
High score → High Rank → High Rating. Please correct me if am wrong.

ok, thanks

The only thing that matters is number of correct solution and your points after the contest end same points users are ranked same… so there’s no penalty of wrong submission and submission time… Happy Coding!!:smiley::smiley:

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