Ratings query

Hey Guys, I was rated 1710 until yesterday’s REcode. I joined REcode yesterday and submitted the first problem. However, due to a silly error, I was getting WA in the first question. In addition to that, when I visited the ranks after getting a WA, it showed that I was not yet ranked. The competition had ICPC rules, so I figured that getting WA on a question will not lead to any penalty until it is completed (i.e. no penalty at all until I get the first one correct equivalent to no participation). But it was ranked 3590 and got a -177 drop (maximum possible drop for me I believe).
@Admin please look into this issue. I had worked very hard for my ratings int he past few months and this is incredibly de motivating. To be ranked last when according to the rules, my participation shouldn’t have been counted seems unfair.

If you submit a solution during the contest regardless of the verdict, you are considered to be there participating in the contest. I don’t think anything can be done of it now. Probably you can try recovering the loss you have had. I know this must seem unfair to you but it’s not CC’s fault that you didn’t read the rules carefully :slight_smile: