Re-activation of account

Request by my friend Vikram:

I had 2 account on codechef. First one was with username vikram91 and second one was vikram_91 . I mailed codechef to deactivate account with username vikram91 . But my both accounts with username vikram91 and vikram_91 got deactivated.

@admin @vijju123 please re-activate my account with username vikram_91 as soon as possible.

Please send an email to

Did you have this account open at that time?

First I mailed to admin to de-activate my older account with username vikram91.
Then I made another account vikram_91 because of cook-off and during the challenge i was using only my new account not the older one. The older one was not even open @vijju @admin

Why make a new account before getting a confirmation from @admin ? Did she approve of that? Because if not, then she might have banned both because that was made without waiting for her to give her consent.

Will check your case with @admin.